New life update

Our life has been CRAZY!! Since my last post we’ve taken some major decisions, made huge leaps and put into action our faith like never before. I’m gonna number them so that I don’t loose you (or myself) along the way:

1. This year in spring we’ve decided to go back to the UK as the opportunity to plant a church arose;

2. Left for  Birmingham in the summer to plant Emmaus Church and seek God’s plan for us there (see below a picture of our first ‘formal’ service meeting);

3. Moved in a house with 2 other big families (3 babies and 2 toddlers) and started to make things happen;

4. Chris and I were on our own for the first time thanks to God’s grace of providing us with a hoist;

5. Launched our business, Mezei Design in August (launch of our website in the pic below);

6. Decided to go ecological all of a sudden and changed our entire way we did life in about a week;

7. I (Nicoleta) got a job in the Marketing area ;

8. Celebrated our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (see photos), crazy!!! Life with Chris is sooooo good, like I never imagined. He is an amazing man and husband, each day is a gift for us when we are together.

Now, 4 months have passed since we settled in Birmingham, amazing how blessed we’ve been in all areas! And it’s awesome to be part of a church plant (in our living room!) and to see first hand how Jesus is alive and how he changes lives!


Barmouth, Wales on our first anniversary



And something we’ve been meaning to do since our wedding, a video summary of the wedding day.


Mezei in the UK

at the airport :)

Here we are! All in England!! They came, they saw, they loved it!! They’ll be back :)!

Chris and his parents were here last month to breathe in the air I breathe. We had a great time together and it was very nice to see them go through the same first reactions that I had when I first set foot on English land :P. We had soooooo many friends helping us from accommodation,  home cooked english meals to rides up and down Kent. Thank you Suzzete, Michael, Tony, Jen, Dave and Cyra, Esther and Ken, Trish and Les and everyone at church who made them feel like home!

This visit also was so good for me because it broke down in half the 6 months being away from home. Now Christmas, when I go back to Romania, seems very close.

My mission for the visit: to get them to taste England and think of  it as a possible future home. I think I kind of succeeded in doing that :).

P.S. Mezei is their surname.

A few pictures from the thousand that we took:

It was great to spend some time with Chris and show him around. It all makes sense for him when I tell him about my day, now that he has seen all these places.

Christ Church Uni

Leeds Castle  – yep, I take everyone there!

Canterbury Cathedral



Canterbury – fish and chips! They loved it!




Parents alert!

This year the Lord made it possible for my parents to come to England for Easter. We had a great time together and it was very reasuring for them to see the place where I live and to get to meet my friends. We got to visit a few places since they were here just for 4 full days. But we are thankful for those.

Canterbury Cathedral – my working place :)

Fish and chips!!!!

Whitstable harbour

Around Canterbury

Leeds Castle

Easter morning!