Young, fresh life

The holidays are gone. But I enjoyed them fully as I went back home for Christmas for about a month. It has been a time full of first time experiences. This includes seeing my one and only niece for the first time, spending New Year’s Eve with Chris away from home, buying my wedding dress and making lots of new friends. I am living  intensely right now as a lot of important things are going to take place during this new year. A lot of work has to be done but I am happy that I have all of these in my life and God is gracious enough to sustain and to keep me in doing my job on this Earth.

Meeting my niece F. was a real delight and joy. I praise God for her being such a beautiful, smart and healthy baby and for her great smile. I can’t believe that my baby sister has a baby :P!!! This post is a gift to F. who will be 1 on the 19th of January!!


3 generations: me, mother and F.



F. with her mummy


Sunshine and waves

 Hot day yesterday. But we decided to get out from the oven that was slowly creating in the house. In the morning I went to church with Chris and I was very happy because he can’t always come with me. I feel like I’m in heaven when he’s in church, along me, holding my hand.  When his parents came to pick us up, they already had a plan for the day. We went to their friends’s house in Agigea, near the sea. There we all had some old fashion fun in the sea. The good part was that Chris got in the water too. His eyes are amazing when they reflect the colour of the sea :). Take a look!


This is the most beautiful rose in Marlen’s and Marian’s garden. They always have something this special in their yard.




Me trying to summon the sea :P. I asked Chris’s father to get some shots of the falling water.