Young, fresh life

The holidays are gone. But I enjoyed them fully as I went back home for Christmas for about a month. It has been a time full of first time experiences. This includes seeing my one and only niece for the first time, spending New Year’s Eve with Chris away from home, buying my wedding dress and making lots of new friends. I am living  intensely right now as a lot of important things are going to take place during this new year. A lot of work has to be done but I am happy that I have all of these in my life and God is gracious enough to sustain and to keep me in doing my job on this Earth.

Meeting my niece F. was a real delight and joy. I praise God for her being such a beautiful, smart and healthy baby and for her great smile. I can’t believe that my baby sister has a baby :P!!! This post is a gift to F. who will be 1 on the 19th of January!!


3 generations: me, mother and F.



F. with her mummy


Another trip to the big city

This is the first post since I came back from Romania. Things are pretty the same around here but they have changed back home just after I left. My baby sister gave birth to a beautiful girl, named Feiza, on the 19th of January. Unfortunately I can’t share a photo with you because she will not let me post it…but I’ll do my best to change her mind :D. Pictures and live broadcasts on Skype are the only way I can see both of them and sadly I will hug my niece for the first time way over in June.

Yesterday I had the change to visit a Media Agency in London along with my colleagues from the Advertising year. Of course I had to wonder off a bit after we finished  and I ended up at the Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. I also got to see all the decorations in China Town that were put up for their New Year on the 14th. I haven’t been sightseeing in London so far, so I had a pretty exciting day.

I’ve never been so close to Big Ben before. It’s kind of a big childhood dream came true :)

With Chris and Gerry

This fellow was pretty funny!

Thank you Gerry for this beautiful photo!

2 in the picture

It’s good to be home! Winter was always special to me but since I went to England to study it’s double special because I come home for Christmas. And now Chris has made it triple special. It’s really nice to post pictures where we are together, without feeling sick in my stomach. (I got to know how it is to feel love-sick this year). All the photos are super close because I take them with one hand 😀 but I love it like this. We will get some real ones in the summer before our engagement party. I am truly happy and although this year has been really rough it has brought us a lot of strength. Can’t wait for 2010. Hope you all have a great New Year! God bless!

And of course I had to photograph the ring :D. I managed to take some when it was still snowy outside.