Big “message” from home

Never before have I been away from home for so long. This year I’ve spent so far 10 days in my country and this was in June.  It’s really hard!!!!!!! Lots of things happened this year, good and bad. As an update (I’ll just tell you the good parts): my sister got married in Turkey – long story – and now she is expecting a chubby baby girl who is due at the end of December. Hopefully the birth will happen when I’m there! It is sudden but I am going to be an AUNTIE!! Being far from home is very difficult and is always a time of happiness when I receive things from Romania. A few weeks ago my parents and Chris sent me a big package with food (which I miss a lot) and my joy was so big that I had to take some photos :)).

I’ve never been so happy before to see my father’s handwriting on a parcell 😛

wonderful food!

Autumn is at its peak here and I am enjoying it very much. I am always busy with working or studying and I can’t wait to take a break. I am going back to Romania on the 16th of December… 23 days left :). Here are the most recent pictures of me that Chris asked me to take in an autumn background.

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