God touched me

God is so good to me! This past weeks He has revealed to me like never before and I feel Him working in me. I can feel His love and especially his patience with me. Last Sunday in church I was listening to the sermon and the pastor came to talk about Psalm 139:13,14 and how God designed us from nothing. I knew all this but I never pondered on it. Yes, He made all creation out of nothing, by the power of His word, including Adam but I never thought that I was made that way. Just from nothing. It’s not very easy to grasp! So I made a commitment to myself that I will write a poem about this…and I did, yesterday. It’s my first in English, so go easy on me :). It is named “God touched me”.

There was none of me,

Not even a trace

That showed that it will be

A something in this space.

I was not an ‘I’,

I was not here to see,

I was not here to love,

I was not here to feel.

But nothingness was touched,

There in an odd dark place,

And a small me had sparked

And God poured all His grace,

The power of His word

Filled all the vacant space.

The womb became alive

With me just sitting there

The life through me was rife,

And one thing was so clear:

A purpose I will have

In God’s amazing plan.

I sing to You O Lord

For being who I am!

He kept brightening my days by putting in my way all sort of beautiful creatures. One of them is this awesome dove, that I see every morning, at 6:30, on my way to work.


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