I found it!

I have finally found my tree. Since I came here I have been looking for a good tree to read under when it gets warmer outside. And believe me, there are lots of good trees around Canterbury :D. I just settled with this one, until I move to the new house in July. It is near my house, it’s very big and strong, so big that if it rains I would stay dry under its branches. It is located in the park, so I get a little bit of buzz so that I’m not completely secluded from the rest of the world, it’s also close to the fountain so that I can hear the water along with all the birds. Can’t wait for the sun to shine more brightly than it does, and then the world will be mine…the world of books that is :p.


Warning: I will not share my reading tree with anyone! Unless it’s Chris, of course :D.

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