I’m back in Canterbury. I just don’t know when the holidays have gone so quick, but I can feel that they were here cause my heart has a leaping joy that was gone for some 4 months. Family does miracles to the heart. I am ready to do my best this year in being a good daughter and sister, a excellent student, a wonderful girlfriend and the best servant ever to the Heavens that I have as a target.

I want to learn new things. And cooking is one of them. A few months ago I was faced with starting to learn how to cook, since I was away fom home. I saw that is not so horrible as some think, it’s actually quite enjoyable and fun. I came to the conclusion that every woman has in her blood this art of cooking, when I saw that it’s not so complicated. So, having some months of ‘trainng’ from before I left for holidays, I decided this year I should go pro :P. And this is what came out:



Well…it’s not that fancy, cause they’re made just with the things that I had in the fridge, but it’s a start. I found out that I like to photograph food :D. No. 2 on the list – sunsets in Canterbury – again :D.




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