Colours in the park

Wheather in UK is very different than what I was used to back home. But I can’t say that I don’t like it. I was prepared to face many rany days, but it wasn’t the case. It does rain often, but the sun makes it’s way several days per week. Autumn instaled itself here in the middle of October ( I think that’s late enough ) when leaves started to go yellow and the temperatures went as far as 12 degrees Celsius. But fall is so quiet and it takes you by surprise every day. All the colours, all the beautiful sunsets, the smell in the air.

I took a small visit in the Dane John’s Park, which is just across the road. The day was sunny and nice and I had to try my camera :). Here are some shots that I like very much.


A little robin. I didn’t know at first what bird is it but I googled it and found out that is an early Christmas robin. Christmas is just a month away! It’s songs are just beautiful…


This is a solar clock. I had to jump and take this photo cause the fence was too high for me and I couldn’t see the pane. I got some odd looks from the people passing by 😀




Three wild piglets with their pig mum 😛 are guarding the maze playing ground for kids.


Throughout the maze are little wooden rats/raccoons/weasels :D, so cute, I haven’t noticed them before. And there’s more …


AHA!! So that’s how it got up! This one was hidden in the leaves.



Biggest web I have ever seen. The tree was also very big and old. Couldn’t find the spider though.

I’m felling a little sad tonight. I’ve been studying for some hours and now I am so tired. Thinking of home… but one song cheered me up.

…and strength did rise at the thought of the Everlasting God who is now holding my hand. Praise the Lord!

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