356/365 2015 Project Announcement

9 days left until my 365 blessings Project ends. It has been a great experience keeping up with these posts, evaluating and meditating daily on God’s blessings in our lives. But it will be a great relief when these are done, hopefully I will keep on the practice of counting my blessings.

So, what next for 2015? I’ve been thinking long and hard and I came to a decision. 2015 project will be NO FACEBOOK. Yes, that means for a year. I’ve learnt this year that Facebook does a lot of damage when it comes to relationships. It has its good sides, no doubt about it, but relationships have become superficial and empty. Saying ‘hello’ on FB messenger just to fell good that I’ve ticked a box and checked on someone does not really work. Phone calls are a lot better, a talk over coffee – perfect. I will be posting this message on Facebook with all details on how to get in touch with me. I am praying relationships will strengthen and that I will also have more time to read my books (rather than stalking people and posts on FB several times a day).

I will resume posting on this blog from time to time so feel free to check it out.

P.S. My blessing for today was feeling a bit better than yesterday as I am down with a fever.


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  1. Hi Dear Friend, Thank you so much for share all the blessings during last year !!!! xx agree lets are be more in contact I have noticed we are not longer in contact either Facebook or mobile or email or face to face..Facebook is being and is my hope will be a great resourse for me to communicate about who reings in my heart but not to building up frienships I know that and defenetely I am with you about it . I usually say to people, Use facebook but dont let it use you ..
    Wishing to keep reading and enjoying your blessing 2015. Big hug friends 😀

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