Time flows so slow

It’s been a month and a few days now since I arrived in Canterbury. But really it doesn’t feel like a month, more like a year. It feels like I’ve been living here for such a long time and I say this because I got used to all things here so quickly. Well, there aren’t many things that anyone would’t like to get get used to, life here is loads better than back in Romania, and I fell sort of protected here even though I have no one from my family with me.

I made lots of friends, many of them from the Christian Union at the University, and also at the church I joined. I haven’t got too much time to visit around, but I did visit the Cathedral and also two cities near the sea, Herne Bay and Whistable. It is so hard without a camera, all things here are soooo beautiful. The sky is always offering a great show, especially at dawn, I could write books about the colours of the clouds. A few weeks ago I noticed that the wildlife here is so abundant. I’ve seen and heard tones of birds, squirrels, bats, even rats, but nice ones :D. It’s a real shame that I can’t capture all this.

I still haven’t got a job, so I’m not really happy with it because this country is really expensive. But I trust the Lord will provide as always. He already took notice that I needed a bike and sent an angel to give me one as a gift :).

At the University all is going well. I like a lot what I chose to study, that is Business with Advertising, if I did not mention it before. The proffesors here are looking for our best interest, and are really good at what they are doing. I already have some first asignments so I pray that all will go well.

Funny, but I am not home sick. Yet. Yes, I do miss all at home, but not in a way that I can’t bear it. The Internet is a real wonder, cause I can speak and see my family almost daily on Skype, esspecially Chris. The timezones differ so I am 2 hours behind Romania. So when I wake up, he is at the computer, and every morning is all ours. Despite the distance I fell that our relationship is getting stronger day by day. I think this is the best test to pass through for us as a couple. I do miss him terribly, and I can’t wait to fell his arms around me again, but I can survie with just seeing him on the webcam. I hope I can go home for Christmas.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post more often. Here are some photos, sorry for those made with my mobile phone.

Crests on the ceiling of the Cathedral.

A small castle in Whistable. The garden was beautiful.

At the base of this statue was a poem: Serene I stand/ Amoung flowers/ and only see/life’s pleasant hours/ Come, pause with me/ And you will see/ What a lovely place/ The world could be! :) I like it cause it sort of tells to you that life is not for us to be in a hurry, and that we are passing down a lot of it’s beauty by being in a hurry all the time.

In the center of the city. I love this lamb. It’s a little sad, it’s just sitting here alone.

Jonh Dane Park. Beautiful and peaceful, it’s just over the street that I live on.

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