My first engagement

Good news! My laptop is back!!! Yay :)! Unfortunately all my data on it was erased but I’ll do my best to recover as much as I can.

Two days ago I had the opportunity to take some engagement shots for my friend Ana who is getting married in March. I was a bit worried because I never photographed couples before, maybe because none of my friends were planning to marry :D. Ana and Florin agreed to take part in my experimental foto shoot. Chris was with us too. We made it a double date because Chris didn’t know Ana or Florin so this was a great opportunity to get to know each other. So, after a little walk in the mall, we went down to the park. They were both great and we had fun together. Congratulations Ana and Florin :)!!! Waiting for feedback on the photos 😀

3 more days until I leave for Canterbury…and time is not enough for me to say goodbye..












4 Thoughts.

  1. the first one is my favorite, but it’d be great if her head were tilted up a little bit and his chin/neck weren’t blocked by the tree! they look good though!

  2. Wow! This is Ana, your colleague and friend from our school?

    I remember her as such a peaceful and kind person :).
    She still seems the same, but it is a great surprise for me to see that she has becomed a beautiful young lady and that she is happy with her future husband. I can’t belive that she’s getting married in March…
    I’m no expert in photography, but I can say that the pictures look great because they are a beautiful couple and they radiate happiness and fulfillment,and you captured all that beautifully.
    I’m starting to think that this kind of happiness is meant to be only for certain persons that are big hearted, generous and sincere,and that they’re only getting back everything that they give everyday by just being themselves. That’s so rare..
    Anyway…send her best wishes from me and a big hug, and congratulations for both of them. (Hopefully she remebers me!:D)

    Thank you for this glimpse of happiness, Bebe! :)

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