Counting blessings and creating traditions


Such a packed year 2011. Probably the most eventful and crazy, in a very positive way. We have been so blessed by so many people, we’ve crossed valleys but also reached mountain tops, and every second we felt God’s hand at work. Oh, He is so faithful! Wedding preps, moving house, finishing Uni, going through the wedding, travelling abroad 3 times this year, graduation and starting a new life as a couple, in all of these we had many answered prayers.

Since the beginning of December Chris and I began to create our own family traditions, little things that will be only ours to pass down. And I think it’s working, and we’re having lots of fun whilst at it. Three months have gone since our wedding but it really seems longer, like we’ve been together since forever and we cannot perceive everyday life without each other (it might sound cheesy but that’s how we feel, and many times life IS cheesy! :D). We said it to many people and we say it again, we strongly recommend marriage :)! Can’t wait to enjoy our first Christmas together!

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