Love is…

…a rope. I was talking to Chris the other day and we came to build up on a picture of marriage  that was really eye-opening to us. Over the last months we learned more about each other, both good and bad things. We realised that being both sinners it is really easy to let down the other person.

This led us to holdfast more unto Jesus who is perfect and will never fail us.

This picture of marriage (not that we know anything about it since we’re not in it yet :D) looks like this : the woman and the man are both standing in front of a canyon when they decide to walk together through life. Putting your trust in someone with everything you’ve got is not an easy task, and that is what marriage implies.

As the two come to the lip of the canyon it is inevitable that one of them will push the other. This might sound crazy but it is true. We disappoint, we fail, and we do mistakes that will harm the other. This is our sinful nature and we can’t avoid it. Now, once pushed the fall will be terrible, will break all that was built before it and confidence will be lost, the relationship will be under attack and it could even end.

At this point the rope comes in. The rope is Jesus! If you marry someone who has the rope, or who will accept being tied to it, falling will be another story. Yes, we will still push the other one into the pit, and yes it will hurt but the rope will keep you hanging on the cliff!! That is Jesus, it is trusting in Him, acknowledging that the person next to us is not perfect and we should not put him/her before our Lord. God will not push you off the cliff; He will always have His hands wrapped around you tightly, lovingly.

As you hang over the cliff, the person at the top will eventually realise, through the power of the Holy Spirit, that he/she harmed you. Seeing the rope tied to the waist he will start pulling you up, little by little and the harm can be undone. The rope saved the day and there is a way of putting things right again. The ascent of the one hanging will be a difficult one and also the one pulling the rope will have a hard time, because trust is hard to achieve and easy to lose. But in all this Jesus is holding you both and He will make it right again.

This is really a very important lesson (at least for me and Chris) to learn. So we work  on building our ropes ( our relationship with our Saviour, letting Him reign in our lives)  so that when we will come together in front of that cliff we will be ready. In Jesus!

So please, please if you are reading this post think twice, three times, 100 times before you even consider going into a relationship with someone who will not have a rope. God intended relationship between a man and a woman to be a blessed one, a loving one but apart from Him all is in vain.

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  1. Thanks for the illustration, Nico & Chris!

    …and gues what? The rope is free – it’s all been prepared for us – just to take it and use it for our own safety.

    And of course, we might think we are strong enough to climb just by simply holding hands, yet it is so difficult not to grow tired…We really need this ROPE!

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