The dunking

Well it was about time I took The Bath. So the date was set for the 4 of July to get baptized by pastor D. What determined me to make this step? Two words, Jesus Christ, God’s Son, my Lord, my Savior. Since I gave my life to Him in 2007, I’ve never been the same again. How did Jesus revealed Himself to me? Through Nicoleta who is now my fiancée. Now back to the day of my baptism. Emotions were there for all of us. God made sure that I will be able to get in the water and get out safely and easily (it’s a bit complicated when you have no control whatsoever in your muscles). The water was so warm, it felt exactly like bath water! The whole time I was in there the sun peeked through the clouds and shined upon me and everyone around.

I feel refreshed through God’s Spirit and cleansed every day by his love. I thank Jesus’s grace for choosing me to take part in his family and enjoy eternal life. I am so glad I got to witness in front of everyone and I hope they can see God working in me.

Along with Pastor D. and his beautiful family

The moment of truth :D.I was a bit squashed :))

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