Parents alert!

This year the Lord made it possible for my parents to come to England for Easter. We had a great time together and it was very reasuring for them to see the place where I live and to get to meet my friends. We got to visit a few places since they were here just for 4 full days. But we are thankful for those.

Canterbury Cathedral – my working place :)

Fish and chips!!!!

Whitstable harbour

Around Canterbury

Leeds Castle

Easter morning!

Half a decade

5 down, an entire life to go. The 26th of April marked our 5th anniversary together. This one is more special than the rest, we have so many plans ahead of us and so many things to do as a newly engaged couple. We are both grateful that God created us to fit together and to support and love each other. It is really hard to express what we feel and the power of it. We are just amazed at God’s grace for us!

We thought that maybe we should continue last year’s tradition , but of course, since we’ve grown one year we became more sophisticated 😛 and we moved on from muffin to fruit tart 😀 ( I baked neither of them). Maybe next year we’ll have a real cake!