The very first ‘preparations’

It is finally happening! It took me some time but I think now I am starting to realise that we are really getting married. It was a bit of a shock for me after Chris proposed and I thought that I needed time to get used to the idea…but 2 months is quite a while to wake up to reality :P. Anyway, I did start looking around for ideas for the wedding, for dresses and all that. On Saturday I went and actually tried on some wedding dresses and that felt really good, now I  have an idea on how I look in one and what I need to buy.

Another thing I did was to buy some books on engagement for Christian couples and on weddings and brides of course: Bride To Be: A Devotional Journal by Janice Thompson and Randi Morrow this is a pretty good journal with advice, prayer and enough space to write about my own feelings;  No Longer Two: A Christian Guide for Engagement and Marriage by Brian H. Edwards and Barbara Edwards is a course for engaged couples that can be used either just by the couple or with another mentor couple or with the help of a pastor – I’ve done two lessons with Chris and is engaging and interesting, bringing out really good questions we should answer ourselves before the big day; last and not least is a beautifully made wedding planner My Wedding Planner: A Record Book (Wedding Record Book) by Helen Exley with great images inside that I will probably use closer to the wedding day. Chris is a bit grumpy that he can’t find a book on grooms :D.

So far I am sure of one thing for that day and that is how my bouquets is going to look. I found this in a Romanian magazine and I simply love it. We might go for a beach wedding and this would go perfect with it.

Another trip to the big city

This is the first post since I came back from Romania. Things are pretty the same around here but they have changed back home just after I left. My baby sister gave birth to a beautiful girl, named Feiza, on the 19th of January. Unfortunately I can’t share a photo with you because she will not let me post it…but I’ll do my best to change her mind :D. Pictures and live broadcasts on Skype are the only way I can see both of them and sadly I will hug my niece for the first time way over in June.

Yesterday I had the change to visit a Media Agency in London along with my colleagues from the Advertising year. Of course I had to wonder off a bit after we finished  and I ended up at the Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. I also got to see all the decorations in China Town that were put up for their New Year on the 14th. I haven’t been sightseeing in London so far, so I had a pretty exciting day.

I’ve never been so close to Big Ben before. It’s kind of a big childhood dream came true :)

With Chris and Gerry

This fellow was pretty funny!

Thank you Gerry for this beautiful photo!