Happy happy joy joy


I’m back home for a week now. And it has been so packed with excitment, emotions and lots of people. Since I’ve last posted there have been some big events in my life, like Chris birthday on the 18th – he turned 22 – and then coming home after half an year without seeing my family or being in Romania. It was and still is a busy mini vacation. Unfortunately this is going to last just for 12 days – just 3 more left :( – because I have to go back for work in Canterbury. But is better than nothing. Today I had a great day on the beach with Chris and his family and I have pictures to prove it :D. It’s good to be home!











22. Nice and round number. I don’t feel like 22, or I don’t want to. My face doesn’t say I’m 22… I feel strange as usual when it comes to my birthday. I’m not the kind of person who likes to be celebrated, or to be in the center of the attention. I’ve always been bad at this. And I don’t remember a birthday that I felt comfortable enough to really enjoy what was happening around me. I’m not saying that I’m not happy with the ones I love around but I think it would be much nicer to treat me as usual. Birthdays are emotional enough for me as they are… So here I am again, a year older, feeling like I want to cry my heart out…and I have no idea why! One thing certainly helped this year: trying to put the others in the spotlight. Like my parents who are the real stars for me being here, and I let them know that. And of course God who has my life into His palm and sent me on earth for a good reason. They should be the ones to be celebrated.

P. S. Thanks to Cristina and Georgiana who brought a little of my family today.



I tried not to act like a 22 year old. The red bow was the perfect disguise.  And then came the bubbles 😀




Want you back!

This song is for my sister from her Father:

You run, you hide
As tears fall from your eyes
They fall like snow
From a wounded soul
You hold inside
The hurt of great divide
The hole is starting to get old

So come back to the light
To the love, you will find
It’s been here all along
So come back to the start
And you’ll find in your heart
That you always belonged
To me

Just take the rope
I won’t let it go
Give in
We can start again
I’m life, I’m hope
And I’m ready to explode
With how bad I want you back home

You’re my daughter, you’re my son
You’re the one I long to love
And you’ve heard I chose to die
Do you know you’re the reason why?

I love you Cami and I also want you back!