Happy anniversary to us!

4 years together. I don’t really know what to say, other than they went past very fast. Actually I fell as I’ve known Chris for more than 4, I don’t really remember how life was before I’ve met him. And I’m glad, cause I have been really happy with him by my side. We’ve tried today to make it a bit festive and forget about the distance, so I bought a nice chocholate muffin and I placed a canddle in it, I took pictures and for a minute we felt as though we were together celebrating this ( we both are very greatful for Skype, we don’t know what we would have done without it). I love you for waiting for me!




What are we celebrating?

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We are celebrating Jesus’ triumph over death! We are celebrating the destruction of the wall between us and God! We are celebrating the free Way to eternal life! Just making sure you know :P.

 This year I am having  a double Easter since in Romania we celebrate it this coming Sunday and in UK was celebrated yesterday. So I’m writing this post in between them. Easter has always been a wonderful time of the year for my family and me. My mother used to buy us new clothes for Good Friday when we went to church to get communion. We were having a blast painting eggs and preparing baskets with fresh grass to put them in. And the food…oh the good food! I am going to miss it so much this year! On Easter morning, my father used to put a red egg in a pot so that the water would turn red from the paint and them we washed our faces with that to make our cheeks red :). We had our nice family traditions. We knew about Jesus and his sacrifice, but we didn’t really think it over. And we’ve missed the essence…

This last month has been very chaotic for me. There have been ups and downs, some problems in my family, I also felt down because I couldn’t go home for Easter, I was missing Chris so badly and all that. But although all seemed gloomy I was not that affected. Not as much I would have been if I would be alone. I felt Jesus holding my hand all the way, telling me to take one step at a time, soothing my heart when it was broken, being there and bringing a smile on my face with his wonderful creations. This month I also felt how it is to be betrayed by a close one, but I found joy in that, knowing that Jesus went through this himself and through a lot more… I really learned that putting every aspect of my life in His hands will bring many many rewards.

As for this Easter, I bow down humbly before God and thank Him for giving his Son so that I could have all this and more. I thank Jesus for bearing my burden on the cross and taking my sin over himself. I don’t really have the words to express this…it is mind-blowing…

So what I wish all of you is to first take some time and reflect on this ( the Bible is a great help :)) and then proceed with the celebration of His resurrection.  😀 Happy Easter!

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The cross in the photographs was bought from the CLC Bookshop.


Yesterday I watched a movie that a friend recommended to me. It’s named FIREPROOF and it’s the best movie I have seen in a long time. Actually it’s the only of its kind, that I know of. The movie is about a firefighter who in attempt to save his marriage uses a 40 day experiment named ‘The love dare’. This is given by his father who is a Christian and has passed through a struggle like this on his own. It is about learning to love, finding that we have to first love God in order to love those around us, to let God teach us to love unconditionally. You just have to watch it!!!! I DARE YOU !

I learned some good strong lessons from it.

Here’s the trailer:

And a little someting about the book: