I’ve been working on our site for the last 2 months, and it went a little slow because it is the first website I really made from scratch. My “site skills” have improved a lot over this time and there you have it: a site is born. I thank God for helping us understand how sites work and for being with us every step of the way. Nicole has been by my side helping with the design and we work so beautifuly together. We really make a great team. We don’t know the exact date of the launch, but I am working on it. Until then, the new header is a good peak on how the site will look. The photograph used is one with the Canterbury morning sky that my love took just yesterday.  We’ll keep you up to date.


I’m back in Canterbury. I just don’t know when the holidays have gone so quick, but I can feel that they were here cause my heart has a leaping joy that was gone for some 4 months. Family does miracles to the heart. I am ready to do my best this year in being a good daughter and sister, a excellent student, a wonderful girlfriend and the best servant ever to the Heavens that I have as a target.

I want to learn new things. And cooking is one of them. A few months ago I was faced with starting to learn how to cook, since I was away fom home. I saw that is not so horrible as some think, it’s actually quite enjoyable and fun. I came to the conclusion that every woman has in her blood this art of cooking, when I saw that it’s not so complicated. So, having some months of ‘trainng’ from before I left for holidays, I decided this year I should go pro :P. And this is what came out:



Well…it’s not that fancy, cause they’re made just with the things that I had in the fridge, but it’s a start. I found out that I like to photograph food :D. No. 2 on the list – sunsets in Canterbury – again :D.