My Angel is Home

On the 12th of December my love came back from Canterbury. The moment we had each other in our arms all the anguish during the three months that we were apart disappeared. Since she arrived I can’t stop smiling! Every second we are together is precious and spent only on loving each other. From the four years that we have known each other, this period has been the longest that we were apart. Not only did the experience brought us closer in the love for one another, but also it brought us both closer to God. Well… better get back to loving!


It’s good to be home

Today’s pic:


Home at last. Now that I am back, it seems that all the things in England were just a dream. I had a very good flight back, long but good. When I arrived in Romania, my father first took me to see Chris for a couple of minutes. It was very weird to see him in flesh and bones after some time only on webcam. He felt unreal to me. God, but all the pain was gone, and I felt sweet and warm inside again. We headed home where the rest of my family – my mother and my sister – have prepared me a welcome back surprise party, with cake, balloons and all that. We all had a good cry that night. Now I’m back on track.





A dream come true… I never thought that I would get to London, even though it was my dream for many many years. The trip was organised by the University for the Business School students and it was meant for us to see the Advertising and Packaging Museum. But we also had some stops to go to Harrods and also Westfield. I found London as I imagined it: packed, organised and full of life. The peak of the day…when we were on our way back, we went through the centre, and I got to see Big Ben, and the Tower Bridge…at night time.



I looked very weird taking pictures inside Harrods :D, but I can’t help it :))



With Cristina, one of my best friends, and yes, we have the same jacket!


I love the UK flag, and this was the biggest one I could find 😀




Inside Westfield.

Here is a video with Big Ben and London Eye, I couldn’t take pictures beacuse I was in the coach.