3 and 1/2 years old

Happy anniversary my sweet love! Here is my way of saying I LOVE YOU!

For non-romanian speakers 😛 this is just about what I say in the video:

” Hi baby, it’s 2 am and I am still up, actually It’s 1 cause the hour has gone back. And that happened because today is the 26th, and that means that it’s our anniversary, our 3 and a half years anniversary. What you saw on the wall is my present to you, and I am sorry that I couldn’t find a way to get someone to do something special there for you, in my name. I just want to tell you that I love you enormously, that I will love you for all the eternity, and you know better that our love will last forever, and no one can stop it in any way. I respect you for what you are, and I wouldn’t change you for anything in this world. I miss you… and I could do with a little kiss, actually with more that one :)… Hope the manager wow’n see this on the net cause he’ll fine me for sticking postit’s on the wall :D. Have a beautiful day tomorrow, and do think about me…and Happy birtday to us…Happy Anniversary to us! I love you!”

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more romantic than that, but it was too late for me :)) Here’s a song for you baby. I love you!

Time flows so slow

It’s been a month and a few days now since I arrived in Canterbury. But really it doesn’t feel like a month, more like a year. It feels like I’ve been living here for such a long time and I say this because I got used to all things here so quickly. Well, there aren’t many things that anyone would’t like to get get used to, life here is loads better than back in Romania, and I fell sort of protected here even though I have no one from my family with me.

I made lots of friends, many of them from the Christian Union at the University, and also at the church I joined. I haven’t got too much time to visit around, but I did visit the Cathedral and also two cities near the sea, Herne Bay and Whistable. It is so hard without a camera, all things here are soooo beautiful. The sky is always offering a great show, especially at dawn, I could write books about the colours of the clouds. A few weeks ago I noticed that the wildlife here is so abundant. I’ve seen and heard tones of birds, squirrels, bats, even rats, but nice ones :D. It’s a real shame that I can’t capture all this.

I still haven’t got a job, so I’m not really happy with it because this country is really expensive. But I trust the Lord will provide as always. He already took notice that I needed a bike and sent an angel to give me one as a gift :).

At the University all is going well. I like a lot what I chose to study, that is Business with Advertising, if I did not mention it before. The proffesors here are looking for our best interest, and are really good at what they are doing. I already have some first asignments so I pray that all will go well.

Funny, but I am not home sick. Yet. Yes, I do miss all at home, but not in a way that I can’t bear it. The Internet is a real wonder, cause I can speak and see my family almost daily on Skype, esspecially Chris. The timezones differ so I am 2 hours behind Romania. So when I wake up, he is at the computer, and every morning is all ours. Despite the distance I fell that our relationship is getting stronger day by day. I think this is the best test to pass through for us as a couple. I do miss him terribly, and I can’t wait to fell his arms around me again, but I can survie with just seeing him on the webcam. I hope I can go home for Christmas.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post more often. Here are some photos, sorry for those made with my mobile phone.

Crests on the ceiling of the Cathedral.

A small castle in Whistable. The garden was beautiful.

At the base of this statue was a poem: Serene I stand/ Amoung flowers/ and only see/life’s pleasant hours/ Come, pause with me/ And you will see/ What a lovely place/ The world could be! :) I like it cause it sort of tells to you that life is not for us to be in a hurry, and that we are passing down a lot of it’s beauty by being in a hurry all the time.

In the center of the city. I love this lamb. It’s a little sad, it’s just sitting here alone.

Jonh Dane Park. Beautiful and peaceful, it’s just over the street that I live on.

First glimpse

Time passes so fast yet so slow. It’s been 16 days in Canterbury and I think I’m getting the hang of it. At least my stomach tells me that 😀 (it took me some time to get used to the food). Everything here is so different: from the way tap water comes out from the pipes to the way people behave.

Ok, let’s take it from the start, cause I didn’t have the opportunity tell you how I got here. On the 17th of September I left Romania (with my face all swollen from crying at the airport with Chris), was my first time flying and I found it amazing. The sadness had gone once I was in the air, with my face stuck to the plane’s window. I had 3 hours to realise that the step that I made like 10 month ago, when I applied for university abroad, was starting to affect my whole life. I wanted to scream, cause I knew what was left behind, actually whenever I think I feel like screaming.

I got to see when the planed crossed from Belgium, over the English channel, to England. I saw how Thames was making it’s way into the British Isles. I will never forget that feeling when I first saw English land. The trip from London to Canterbury confirmed me the pictures I had in my head about Britain’s lands. All so clean, all green, beautiful scenery once we entered Kent County, and the roads, oh the roads…, if the drivers in Romania could see them, like 4 lanes on each side, no jams, no anything. Just smooth and relaxing, right-side :D, driving.

I got to Canterbury, and went to the hall that I was going to live in. When I first saw my room I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was just as I dreamt it’s going to be. The girl who helped me carry my bags left and I was alone in the room. Then it struck me. I was alone. And it felt like something was holding me from breathing, it was a horrible feeling. I started to unpack as quickly as I could, trying to get out from the suitcase all those things that connected me to my home. And the room came to life one step at a time. I then met up with Georgiana, my friend, who was already there for 2 weeks, and we went shopping for all the things I needed, got a first glimpse of the city. That night I slept at her place because I just couldn’t stay alone in my room.

This was the start of my journey. I wanted to share this with you because it had a great impact on me.

Canterbury is a beautiful beautiful city, with old Tudor houses but also nice new ones, but still in the same style, There are flowers and grass wherever you look. I once told Cristina, my other friend who is here with me, that you can’t find in Canters one single spot of soil that is empty, with no flowers or fresh grass planted on it. All the buildings seem to match, the old buildings, like churches or schools, are all covered with the same sort of stones. So is the city wall and bridges. The stones are black and look like they are freshly cut, really shiny, and they get different shadings depending on the light. In the night time they work as a camouflage.

The University campus is a pleasure to all my senses :P. It’s like a flower blossom, birds are singing, young people everywhere, the air is fresh :D. Everyone from the Uni staff have been so nice with us, making sure that we have all things working well and that we cope with the changes that are taking place in our lives.

There is a strong relation here with God. Maybe because is the town where the Cathedral and the Archbishop is. There are a wide range of churches from which to choose, so that no one gets left behind. I joined the Christian Union from the Uni and I must say that they are fantastic people, guys you can really look up to when it comes to their faith and their devotion to God. I fell great in their presence and I am sure that my stay here will be a lot easier with them around.

I really miss my family and Chris. I try not to think so much but at night, when I am alone in my room I can’t help from going back to Romania in my mind and my dreams.

There are many things to say but I will try to end this first ‘’story ‘’ from Canterbury. Oh, I forgot to say that it’s hell without a camera here. I just go crazy when I can’t freeze all the beautiful things that I see. I used the camera from my mobile 😛 to catch something, they’re awful, I know, but don’t have an alternative. See you!

At the University, view to Ramsey Building, The Business School, where I have my lectures

A window from Canterbury Hospital, which was use for pilgrims to take shelter on their trips

Stour River passing through the center of the city, there’s a boat trip organised on it as well

Busy high street, St. George’s Street, great architecture, huh?