Baby face

I’m back! after some time …it’s me, Chris, the soon to be husband 😛  ( “soon” as in 3 years ).

Last week me and Nicole went over to that little angel who got baptized a month ago. She lives across the street so we made a get away plan 😀 – no one was home actually to stop us – and went over to her house. I brought my dad’s camera and Nic was in seventh heaven with it – we really have to get her one. She doesn’t use to photograph people so this was supposed to be her photo shoot. The baby just woke up and was so little and precious that I was amazed how we start this life so fragile and tiny. She was in good mood and she was smiling every time she saw Nicole approaching with the camera. It was great, Nicole had her hands full for an hour with the little princess. All this time I was in the lobby, watching the three of them, Alexia’s mother included, moving around the house, laughing and having fun. The photos turned out great ( all 345 :D) Have a look!

Spare an angel part 2

I promissed that I will tell you  what happened that day. Because my days in Romania are numbered ( only 11 left) Chris wanted us to make a big step in our relationship. He talked with his parents and agreed that it’s too soon, since we have 3 years ahead when I will be away. He wanted to ask for my hand in marriage, but it didn’t happened. Still, he wanted to do something to show his love so he gave me a pre-engagemet ring :D. He told me that he will wait for me until I come back, and he will try to improve himself, as I am doing there, for our future. It was a really emotional moment. As you can see we have a thing for rings :D.

My laptop is still ”under surgery”, I managed to write this post from my 100 years old computer.


 2 days ago my laptop crashed :(. This is not at all a good time, since I have only 2 weeks until I leave and all my information and pictures and everything I have is on that laptop. Tomorrow I’ll send it for repair and I hope it comes back in due time. Sorry for this but I don’t think I will be posting too much since I’ll get it back. Let’s hope Chris will keep you posted. Take care!