Purity – want to try?

To be clear to everyone, the rings me and Chris are wearing are not engagement rings (he’s still working on that, I hope :D). What we wear are purity rings. Well, I believe you if that sounds a little weird. Let me explain. Since we started dating, we decided to set things straight from the beginning and we both agreed we want a white wedding. It’s been three years and something since then, and we manage to keep that promise. This year, when we both turned 21( Chris is 5 days younger than me so we made it a double party ) we decided to seal this promise with two rings. They are very important to us and we are going to wear it until our wedding night. On the back of them we wrote ”Je t’aime mon ange” ( that’s ”I love you my angel” for the non-french speakers) – we want it to be in french because we got tired of using english and romanian :P. After I bought them I realised they have different patterns, Chris liked mine better, so we switched, and now I have to wear his on a necklace around my neck because it’s to big on my finger.

This commitement is not only for the two of us, it’s also a step in front of God. Many of you may say we are crazy, fanatic or I don’t know what, but you can’t tell me that deep inside of you, you wouldn’t wish to have a partener that would be faithfull to you until that special day, that he/she considers you so important, and loves and respects you that much that would wait even 100 years for you. Think a little about it. Here’s something you can watch – go for the Harvard movie :D. http://www.chastity.com/research/index.php?id=70

I’m waiting for comments 😀

Who wakes up early gets the worm


Meaning, who gets up early has a full and great day :D. Even though outside were 33 degres Celsius, we couldn’t just wasted a whole day hiding from the sun. I packed my things and went down to Chris’s place. First on the list were guitar lessons :P. On Valentine’s Day Chris bought us a gorgeous black guitar. It was my childhood dream to have one, and his too. As expected, he’s better than I am at playing it ( he has it in his genes since his father played the guitar in his early days). But we both took it from the start with online lessons, and practicing songs. Still, my love has a greater musical memory and can ”store” 😀 more songs than I can, and despite the fact he can’t hold the guitar properly because his condition, he’s still a better player. We’re learning fast Coldplay tabs.

Well, enough with the learning, we decided to meet up with my two best friends Cristina and Georgiana and have lunch, at KFC 😀 and after that we went for an evening stroll in the park. We were shocked to see that leaves started a while ago to fall and the ground was already covered with lots of colours. Here are some picture from yesterday.





Back from Paraul Rece

Hey there! Did you miss us? :) I sure missed writing. I’m back from the mountains. Back from a week full of revealing truth, friendships and a little knowledge.

Like last summer, I signed up for a summer school/university in order to earn a diploma that can help me further on. This year i chose a module in pro-social behavior and that’s how I end up in Paraul Rece, near Predeal, in the Bucegi Mountains. Of course, Chris had to follow me, cause a week apart in our condition ( me going away in less than a month) is too much to bear :D. So he and his family decided to go on vacation last week, in Bran ( that’s where Dracula’s castle is), 15 km from where I was accomodated.
When I arrived at the hotel I was a little sad and bored, thinking that the week ahead of me wown’t bring as much as I expected. But it turned out the opposite. I was lucky to share the room with 3 of the best girls ever ,that turned out to be 3 more angels sent to encourage me and Chris on our way together ( see Our Story ). Adela, Mihaela and  Diana, if you read this post, I love you a lot!
I learned a lot about people’s hidden personalities, and that we are so different in our causes.
The days Chris was there I was in the ninth heaven, waiting for him to rescue me from the ”bad, ugly trainings” :D. I managed to sneak out two night in a row and spend some time with him in Bran. I feel that I can’t get enough of him, of his love, and time is not helping us. I constantly wonder If I will be able to leave without being heatbroken, and how will I manage without having him close to me. I’m just out of air when I think of this.
On Saturday I had a little ”breakdown”, overwhelmed by all the things that were happenening to me, by the fact that Chris left to days earlier and I already missed him, and because I realised that life ahead is so dark, and by dark I mean that we don’t know what’s stored for us. Thank God I manage to overpass that mood.
All in all, this week was veeery long, seemed like a month, and very full of emotions. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I almost got eaten alive by a bear, when we got stuck in the forest, far from the hotel, one night. But that is another story :P.
And now, the fun part…PICTURES!!
commuting…early in the morning
The Love and Respect book, the greatest. Try it if you want a real realationship.
A little present I prepared for my love, the day he arrived in Paraul Rece, I carved it on a plank with a sharp rock :D. He loved it so much, he took it back to Constanta with him :)
My three little angels : Adela at 12 o’clock, and then Diana at 3, me at 6 and Mihaela at 9 😛
The camp fire we made on Friday.
The church in Predeal. I love it’s architecture, it’s very special to me.